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My Self Care Morning Routine for a Stress-Free Day!

A solid morning routine works as a backbone in my self-care practice. In this fast-paced world full where people are dealing with anxiety and depression, having a morning routine plays a tremendous role in maintaining your mental health. Therapists all around the world approve that a healthy, low-stress morning routine helps in setting a routine for the day.

It's not only something to boast about waking up early in the morning. Solidifying some morning ideas will help you prioritize your physical and mental health. Because every decision you make in the morning increases the willpower of your brains. Our brain is limitless when it comes to a lot of things, but there can be times when these resources can run dry. So let's talk about some of the things that you should try to add to your morning routine. Just know one thing that everyone's morning routine can be different and according to his or her requirements.

Growing up, we all have been sold to an idea! What is it? That we need to wake up every day to the alarm, take a rushed shower, gobble some coffee or tea, and rush to work! But is it the right way of doing things? Well, that certainly changed during the pandemic. Within weeks or months.. we have realized that we have adapted to all the wrong things that we are not supposed to.

Here are some habits that help us all evolve towards a Stress-Free Day every day!

1. Wake up naturally without an alarm clock as much as possible:

I used to be the kind of person who set 15 alarms, no joke. I would set one for every 5 minutes starting at 5 am. As responsibilities grew, I didn’t even realize how quickly I fell into the trap of overworking and undersleeping. I was always in a state of movement.

I am grateful that my constant movement has led to many breakthroughs in my life and career, but I needed to rethink some habits.

Finally, after a lot of research and strategically working on it and trying for a few weeks, I started waking up alarm free, naturally. Being mindful that this may not work into everyone's lifestyle, I want to challenge you to get on a regular sleep routine. You'll find that if you wake up and go to bed around the same time daily, your body will start to wake up a few minutes if not earlier than your alarm clock.

That’s my secret to staying happy, positive, and clear-minded

2. Waking up before anyone else:

To top up waking up naturally, something that helps me even better is waking up before anyone else in your home. Whether you live with your family, friends, strangers, or a significant other, I find it very relaxing to wake up at a minimum an hour before them. I prefer to wake up two hours before anyone else in my apartment.

Now that gives me a lot of time for myself, to think, to introspect and observe, allowing me to start my day my way. I feel more in control of my life, day, and mood. I also take this as an opportunity to plan my day, put up my priorities for the day, and do a bit of reading and exercising.

3.Avoid technology for 1-2 hours every morning & improve your brain clarity:

When I wake up in the morning, I make sure I don’t touch or see my phone for at least an hour or two. I noticed that since I started doing this, I have the most creative and clear thoughts in the morning.

So, instead of jumping on my laptop to note my thoughts down, I prefer to document them in a journey/diary. This is also very therapeutic and meditative... aaah speaking of meditation

4. Find your form of meditation:

A meditation routine helps you focus on relaxing breath and mindfulness and is an amazing way to start your day. Though there are countless meditation apps out there, I still would say – reflect on some task minus technology and see what you can do. Well yeah. I have found my means of meditation in the form of journaling, cleaning, spending my time doing nothing too!

What’s yours?

5. Drink hot water & Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar offers many health benefits including detoxification, reducing inflammation, and digestive relief. It doesn’t get any easier than simply mixing apple cider vinegar and water. I am also starting to do oil pulling these days before I detox with ACV and Hot water. It is great to remove toxins from your mouth.

Try it out!

6. Use natural beauty products

My beauty routine is simple and at the same time eco-friendly! Something that I always strive to work into my routine is to become as efficient, resourceful, and waste-free as possible. I use Rida Wellness Vitamin C Face Serum which is a blend of different essential oils and plant extracts that produces no waste. Try switching over to natural skincare and personal care and see the magic it creates not only for you but also for the ecosystem.

7. Write three things down that you are grateful for:

Gratitude journal, yes. By actively focusing on the things, events, and people you are grateful for, and writing them down, you start your day on a positive note. And of course, you tend to carry this positive feeling throughout the rest of the day.

8. Do a small task to tidy up your home:

Tidying up helps you look around, pick up things, and put them back into a place they belong to. This helps us be mindful of our surroundings and helps connect more to our belongings. It helps us to realign the way we perceive or take things up. I try to tidy up my place before I sleep the previous night. However, it’s a great idea to engage in some mindful tidying up like an early morning routine

9. Stretch, foam roll, and do something to improve your mobility:

While I heat my water for the ACV detox, I make sure I stretch. Not just fitness, but also my posture is important. Of course not to mention the stress-busting and pain-relieving benefits it has.

10. Go for a morning walk to get your blood pumping after hours of laying in bed:

We, humans, were designed to move. A sedentary lifestyle, however, took its toll. But it's never too late. If we learn to engage in the right type of activities every morning clubbing up cardio and strength training in the right way, we will be able to adapt to a healthier lifestyle. What's better to start your first couple of hours with 15 minutes of cardio with strength training on alternate days. I do that! And I have never felt better than this!

So here is what I do to keep my mornings dedicated to positive self-care helping me with a fantastic and stress-free day ahead.

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