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Holistic Health: A Slice of Life

The times are gone when health only meant good physical being for some people. Holistic health is emerging as a popular science in today’s world, and it has already changed the way people looked at health maybe a decade ago. Holistic health connects the thin line between the three most important systems of our body. People have started to realize that their mental, physical and emotional health are all interconnected to one another and play an imperative role in the overall wellness of our body.

It's not that just people have become woke. In recent years we have seen western medicine incorporating holistic approach vividly in their applied sciences. This may happen gradually as it takes time to break through the decade-old system of medicine. But your part, keeping the safety of your health and wellness in your hands can be really empowering. A holistic lifestyle is a way of living. It is a lifelong journey of achieving wellness- a slice of life.

Many people may not have much knowledge about the holistic approach and how to begin incorporating it into their lifestyle. Too much pressure can also damage the mental being of a person. Your mental and emotional wellbeing is driven by you. So, the first step you got to take is listening to your body. You have to learn to understand what it wants to tell you. It will evolve gradually with you at a similar pace. Learn to be careful and patient with yourself and see how the magic unwinds.

Holistic health not only encapsulates nutritional value but a balanced well being that amalgamates mind, body, and soul. If you learn about the past experiences of various people who have gone through stress or trauma, you would be surprised to know that the one thing that helped them overcome their struggle was spiritual health. Spirituality is an important part of holistic wellbeing. Spiritual wellness does not necessarily need to be tied with any God or religion, although it can be.

Spiritual wellbeing is a way of life. It makes you more human, connects you with the real meaning of life. Modern researchers have given it a perspective of a way to find the meaning of life’s secrets. As author Richard Dawkins has beautifully put it in his book “Unweaving the rainbow” that humans have an appetite for knowing the answers to their deepest desires and questions. He calls it the ‘appetite for wonder’. Spiritual well being strengthens your mental and social health. You feel confident and powerful which as a result affects your physical health.

Benefits of holistic health and wellness-:

Integrating holistic medicine and health will help you live your life to the fullest. Some holistic medicines are also known as superfoods due to their diverse benefits. Superfoods like ashwagandha are really good for your body’s illness, energy, and immune system.

Holistic medicines are high on antioxidants which is crucial for humans as our day to day lives can be pretty oxidative. We think too much, eat unhealthily, take stress, and discover bad habits like smoking and drinking. These things prevent us from leading a healthy and happy life.

Popular holistic health and wellness techniques that you should try-:

  1. YOGA- Yoga means union. It has been derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ which literally means integrate and unite. It goes back to 5000 years ago and is one of the oldest disciplines in the world. Yoga improves your health and posture, and also brings harmony to your life.

  2. ACUPUNCTURE- It is a form of treatment involving various needles to be put into a person’s body in particular places to certain depths. Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese alternative to western medicine that helps you relieve pain, stress, and various other complaints.

  3. REIKI- Reiki is a spiritual practice that originated in Japan also known as energy healing. Its theories state that the mental, emotional, physical bodies are one energy system. ‘KI’ means energy. The practitioners believe that the ‘Ki’ can be transferred from their hand to the person’s body to get him rid of all the stress and body ailments.

How do you define a healthy lifestyle? Is it good food, good health, regular exercise, or meditation? How does one identify if he is healthy or not? We all have an idea or mental image of a healthy lifestyle. But does it have to be holistic or clinical is what we have to decide. It rather depends on whether you want to visit a doctor regularly or cure the illness completely out of your system.

One thing everyone can be sure of is that holistic wellbeing is a way of living. It’s the journey that matters not the destination. Every individual is unique and a holistic approach learns the deepest secrets of your body, mind, and soul. Your minds are connected with your body through thoughts, emotions, and mentality. Your spirit is what makes your core values and gives you a sense of purpose. Your spirit is what needs awakening. Everything is interconnected which leads you to a path of great health and belonging.

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